Thank You Lisa Purk for helping me to see things a little differently                                                   A Note from Lisa…
After several weeks (months???) of my own winter illness challenges and serious health issues of close family members, I was fatigued .  I found myself frequently thinking ( ….saying….) “If I could just get some sleep I would feel so much better.” 

But, was it sleep that I truly needed?

These past few months I was sick more often than I am accustomed to being.  I wasn’t ill with anything serious – just your typical winter time flu and never-ending sinus infections. At the same time, another close family member was seriously ill and had three hospital stays stacked up within two months.  Of course, there was the on-going day-to-day activities that don’t stop just because other things have invaded life.

As I began to feel better and healthier days began to return to all,  I found myself, in a word, exhausted.  I wanted sleep and extended hours of it.

Or did I?

Was I truly physically fatigued or was it more that I mentally tired?   Was sleep what I needed?  Or was it something else?

Could it be that what I most needed was rejuvenation?

Sometimes rest is needed and sometimes rejuvenation is what will prove to be most beneficial.  But these are two very different things.

When you feel tired it is easy to think “I really need to get some sleep.”  You get a good night’s rest and maybe even find time for a bonus nap but you still feel lethargic and lacking focus.  You get more sleep but it doesn’t help.  During these times, you might notice yourself trying to get some extra rest but find it difficult to even fall asleep.

When you find yourself in this type of “I just need some sleep” cycle, consider that it’s not sleep that will bring you the result you’re craving.  Maybe it’s rejuvenation.

What’s the difference?

I believe that rest and sleep speak for themselves.  But what about rejuvenation?

Rejuvenation is doing things that help you relax and re-energize.  It is doing things that bring you a sense of calmness; a renewed spirit; and greater clarity of heart and mind.    Rejuvenation is doing things you enjoy.

Some examples of rejuvenation activities include:

  • Coffee or lunch with a friend
  • Planting/tending your garden
  • Reading
  • Watching a movie
  • Attending a sporting event or concert
  • Walking your dogs at your favorite park
  • Picnic by a lake
  • Biking and hiking
  • Any hobby

In talking with my clients, I find they often sleep when what they really desire is rejuvenation. They want some down time.

But rejuvenation requires they give themselves permission for the activities.  The lack of permission (i.e. guilt-free permission) is often what stands between them and truly re-energizing themselves body and mind; heart and soul.

It’s not rest they need.  It’s permission to rejuvenate.
To truly rejuvenate and re-energize
you must first give yourself guilt-free permission to do so
I discovered for myself that it was indeed rejuvenation that I was craving.  For me, I found it with some quiet hibernation and a good book plus a couple of lunches with good friends.  I also upped my morning prayer and meditation time.

All an equation for rejuvenation.

Next time you find yourself “tired,” consider if you need sleep …. Or is it rejuvenation you’re craving.

Sleep won’t help when it’s rejuvenation you’re craving

“No one can be truly great until he has gained a knowledge of himself, a knowledge which can only be acquired by occasional retirement.”

~  Johann Georg von Zimmermann